Alana Tracey is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sydney who works across a diverse range of mediums including large scale installation and painting.

A graduate of the College of Fine Arts, University of NSW; with post-graduate studies at the University of Technology Sydney. She has exhibited and screened her works at the Sydney Film Festival, This is Not Art, Electrofringe Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Regrowth Festival, Subsonic Festival, Earthcore and varies artist run initiatives within the urban jungle of Sydney.

In 2012 she participated in the Ne’na Contemporary Artspace Residency program in partnership with Monfai Cultural Centre, Chiang Mai Northern Thailand. In 2013 she initiated, conceptualised and project managed the large scale collaborative art installation ‘Temple of Science’ which was funded by the Rainbow Serpent Community Arts Grant and has been installed at three major music and arts festivals in Australia.

Her recent work investigates visual and spatial perception through painting and large scale installation using colour interactions and pattern repetition to engage the eye and encourage spectator participation. This has emerged from a passion for meditative and transformative experiences in remote areas, running and the creative practice.


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