Temple of Science

Temple of Science is a space designed to encourage a sense of awe and wonder over the building blocks and history of our universe. It is a space to discover, chill out and be inspired.

Temple of Science is a free standing open top four sided 5.4m equilateral pyramid made up of 38 interlocking hexagons and 27 half hexagon panels constructed of plywood and timber and reaches a height of 4m. Animated programmable LEDs outline six hexagons on the exterior to create a mesmerising evening light show.

The pyramids interior is illustrated with brilliant and engaging science visuals including depictions of evolution, quantum physics and the inner working of the human brain.

The Temple of Science is an intimate inclusive chill out zone where everyone is encouraged to hang out, discuss and feel inspired. The space plays host to a science activity and experiments program directed by a science educator.

The Temple of Science is a collaborative project conceived in the industrial backstreets of Sydney’s inner west creative undergrowth and brought to life by Sydney artists Alana Tracey, Mark Swartz, Isaac Gallagher, Dave Tracey and a host of superheroes including Owen Brasier on programmable LEDs and science activities. Dave Tracey made the initial 3D model and worked out all the design and math. The Temple of Science was made possible with support from the wider community known as the Marrickville Warehouse Alliance (MWA).

Funded by the Rainbow Serpent Festival Community Arts Grant and exhibited at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2014, Earthcore Festival 2014, Subsonic Music Festival 2014.


Earthcore Festival 2014


Earthcore Festival 2014

AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore18Earthcore Festival 2014

AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore9AEarthcore Festival 2014


Earthcore Festival 2014


Temple of Science, Rainbow Serpent Festival 2014


Rainbow Serpent Festival 2014


Rainbow Serpent Festival 2014


Rainbow Serpent Festival 2014


Rainbow Serpent festival 2014


Rainbow Serpent Festival 2014

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