Reclaimed Vortex

Reclaimed wood, timber, 2.7 x 3.6 x 4m, 2016

Lost Paradise Festival, Glenworth Valley, NSW


Chroma Vortex

Lycra, Steel Cable, 6 x 12 x 4m, 2016

Rainbow Serpent Festival, Lexton Vic 

Chroma Vortex Tunnels Prototype

Lycra, Rope, Dimensions Variable, 2015

Regrowth Festival, Majors Creek, NSW


Temple Of Science

Collaborative Project with Mark Swartz, Isaac Gallagher, David Tracey, Owen Brasier

Instigator, Concept, Project Manager, Build Team, Decor Team

Rainbow Serpent Festival, Lexton Vic, 2014

Warped Geometry

Crop Net, String, Bark/Branches collected on site

Dimensions Variable, 2013

Loco Festival Hunter Valley NSW

Digital Realms

String, Digital Projection, Dimensions Variable, 2012

Ne’na Contemporary Artspace, Mae Rim Northern Thailand

Wheel of Fortune 

Three Channel Video, Audio Soundscape, Found Objects, 2005

Art + Design, UNSW

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