Reclaimed Wood Vortex at Lost Paradise Festival 2016

As part of the stage decor for the Paradise Club stage at Lost Paradise Festival, I designed and installed a reclaimed wood vortex installation. Keeping with the aesthetic of the reclaimed wood stage design by Architects of Entertainment and inspired by the Inversion artwork by Dan Havel and Dean Ruck, I designed a reclaimed wood vortex to sit within the bush setting of Paradise Club stage which could be climbed into. Thank you to James Betts as head builder and carpenter Jonothan Gaida. Massive thank you to Architects of Entertainment, Milkcrate Events and Lost Paradise Festival.



Vortex warehouseVortex Warehouse BB

Zoolu Stage at Psyfari Festival 2016

Zoolu Stage at Psyfari Festival 2016. Collaboration with Milkcrate Events, Grounded Sound and Psyfari Festival.

Sarah Betts from Milkcrate had the creative vision and direction to dress the Zoolu stage with lycra, Ben from Psyfari designed the steel structure, Tim from Grounded installed the structure and was our head rigger. Jess Pickford, Myself and Sarah Betts designed and installed the lycra canopy. Francine, Emma, Jess and myself created the woven string stage.









Chroma Vortex at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2016

Once again I am lucky to have the support of Rainbow Serpent Festival behind one my works. Very happy with the final form of the vortex and it sat in the amphitheater, beautifully working with the colour palette of the main stage shade sail.


Hand Grove by the Pier Group at Strawberry Fields Festival 2015

I was very lucky to crew with the Reno based Burning Man collaborative installation art collective Pier Group at Strawberry Fields Festival 2015. Known for their iconic installations Embrace and the Pier at Black Rock City, this work was their first away from home and what an absolute pleasure to spend a week camped on the Murray River making art with them.


Temple of Science at Earthcore 2014

Here is an edit of my images from the install of the Temple of Science at Earthcore Festival, Victoria 2014. Massive thank you to Hannah Curtis and Andrew Bossington for the mandala sculptures.

AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore1 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore2A

AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore2 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore3 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore4 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore4A AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore4B AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore5 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore5B AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore6 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore6A AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore7 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore8 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore9 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore9A AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore9B AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore9C AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore10 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore12 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore13 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore14 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore17 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore18 Temple

Chroma Vortex for the Acacia Stage at Regrowth Festival 2015

Here are the Chroma Vortex Tunnels I installed for the Acacia stage at Regrowth Festival 2015. This is the first time I have worked with fabric and I am extremely happy with the elegance of the final form and feel that it is conceptually strong with a huge visual impact. My aim was to bring the stepped colour gradient aesthetic from my painting practice into a 3 dimensional space and use the space around the stage as an aerial canvas. Lycra and rope is a cheap and weather resistant way to make things big! I can’t wait to get working on pushing this medium and forms further. 

Big big LOVE to Grounded Sound, Milkcrate Events and the Marrickville Warehouse Alliance for pulling together an absolutely stunning stage with every element killing it. Massive thank you to everyone involved with Regrowth Festival which inspires me to be a better person.


Chroma Vortex Tunnels

Lycra, Rope, Dimensions Variable

Acacia Stage, Regrowth Festival, Majors Creek , 2015


Chroma Vortex Tunnels, Regrowth Festival 2015


Chroma Vortex Tunnel, Regrowth Festival 2015


Chroma Vortex Tunnel, Regrowth Festival 2015


Chroma Vortex Tunnel, Regrowth Festival 2015


Chroma Vortex Tunnel, Regrowth Festival 2015


Chroma Vortex tunnel, Regrowth Festival 2015


Chroma Vortex Tunnel, Regrowth Festival 2015


Chroma Vortex Tunnel, Regrowth Festival 2015

San Cristobal de las casas, Mexico





I’m currently in San Cristobal de las casas Mexico, beautiful city which draws parallels to Cusco Peru.

Yesterday there where nationwide protests in Mexico over the deaths and disappearance of over 40 Ayotzinapa students in the southern town of Iguala after they clashed with the local police. Six students where shot dead during the protest and there is speculation that the remaining students have been massacred in secret by the local police. In San Cristobal the city centre was packed with a large turn out in solidarity.






AlanaTraceySanCristobal7 AlanaTraceySanCristobal8 AlanaTraceySanCristobal9 AlanaTraceySanCristobal10 AlanaTraceySanCristobal11 AlanaTraceySanCristobal12


AlanaTraceySanCristobal13 AlanaTraceySanCristobal14 AlanaTraceySanCristobal15 AlanaTraceySanCristobal16 AlanaTraceySanCristobal17 AlanaTraceySanCristobal19