Temple of Science at Earthcore 2014

Here is an edit of my images from the install of the Temple of Science at Earthcore Festival, Victoria 2014. Massive thank you to Hannah Curtis and Andrew Bossington for the mandala sculptures.

AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore1 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore2A

AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore2 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore3 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore4 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore4A AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore4B AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore5 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore5B AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore6 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore6A AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore7 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore8 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore9 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore9A AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore9B AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore9C AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore10 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore12 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore13 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore14 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore17 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore18 Temple

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