Hand Grove by the Pier Group at Strawberry Fields Festival 2015

I was very lucky to crew with the Reno based Burning Man collaborative installation art collective Pier Group at Strawberry Fields Festival 2015. Known for their iconic installations Embrace and the Pier at Black Rock City, this work was their first away from home and what an absolute pleasure to spend a week camped on the Murray River making art with them.


Temple of Science at Earthcore 2014

Here is an edit of my images from the install of the Temple of Science at Earthcore Festival, Victoria 2014. Massive thank you to Hannah Curtis and Andrew Bossington for the mandala sculptures.

AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore1 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore2A

AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore2 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore3 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore4 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore4A AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore4B AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore5 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore5B AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore6 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore6A AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore7 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore8 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore9 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore9A AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore9B AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore9C AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore10 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore12 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore13 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore14 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore17 AlanaTraceyTempleEarthcore18 Temple

Chroma Vortex for the Acacia Stage at Regrowth Festival 2015

Here are the Chroma Vortex Tunnels I installed for the Acacia stage at Regrowth Festival 2015. This is the first time I have worked with fabric and I am extremely happy with the elegance of the final form and feel that it is conceptually strong with a huge visual impact. My aim was to bring the stepped colour gradient aesthetic from my painting practice into a 3 dimensional space and use the space around the stage as an aerial canvas. Lycra and rope is a cheap and weather resistant way to make things big! I can’t wait to get working on pushing this medium and forms further. 

Big big LOVE to Grounded Sound, Milkcrate Events and the Marrickville Warehouse Alliance for pulling together an absolutely stunning stage with every element killing it. Massive thank you to everyone involved with Regrowth Festival which inspires me to be a better person.


Chroma Vortex Tunnels

Lycra, Rope, Dimensions Variable

Acacia Stage, Regrowth Festival, Majors Creek , 2015


Chroma Vortex Tunnels, Regrowth Festival 2015


Chroma Vortex Tunnel, Regrowth Festival 2015


Chroma Vortex Tunnel, Regrowth Festival 2015


Chroma Vortex Tunnel, Regrowth Festival 2015


Chroma Vortex Tunnel, Regrowth Festival 2015


Chroma Vortex tunnel, Regrowth Festival 2015


Chroma Vortex Tunnel, Regrowth Festival 2015


Chroma Vortex Tunnel, Regrowth Festival 2015

Temple Of Science at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2014

Rainbow Serpent Festival 2014 proved once again why it is hands down the most epic Doof in Australia. I consider the approach and planning of the festival on a whole as one gigantic artwork with each element and team involved contributing to a larger masterpiece. I am so goddamn proud that this year myself, Mark Swartz (markswartz.com), Isaac Gallagher, David Tracey, Owen Brasier and a crew of heroes came together to bring a stunning installation to the festival and the response has been overwhelming. Funded with the Rainbow Serpent Community Arts Grant,  months of planning went into this project and we have all left it feeling extremely happy with the result. Aesthetically the temple sat within the festival landscape so perfectly that I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome.

Constructed of 38 interlocking hexagons and 27 half hexagons, each hexagon was cut into 16ml ply and then framed with 3’1 or 6’1 timber to create a tessellating open top pyramid. Pre fabricated and stackable, the temple was loaded onto the back of a ute and trailer then transported 12 hours from inner Sydney city to the festival site of Lexton, 2 hours outside of Melbourne city on private bushland. Dave Tracey created the initial 3D model and worked out all the tricky design and math problems. Interior science themed decor panels where created by visual artists Marcelle Robbins, Lillian Morrissey and yours truly. Programmable LED’s outlined six hexagons to create mesmerising animated sequences in the evening. During the festival Owen Brasier, a science educator (and master of LEDs) hosted a small activities program consisting of simple science experiments including DNA extraction and chemical reactions to the delight and awe of festival participants.

In the end the achievement of this project relied heavily on the close knit alternative art community centered around the inner Sydney suburb of Marrickville (loosely referred to as MWA or the Marrickville Warehouse Alliance). The hexagons where built over two weeks of measuring, cutting, filling, sanding and painting by a small army of great friends who worked for the price of love and beer. Without the support network of people with creative attitudes a work of this scale could not have been achieved on a small budget.


Temple of Science, Rainbow Serpent Festival 2014                         Image: Tinny Tang Photography


Image: Spinferno


TempleOfScienceOnSiteBuildD TempleOfScienceOnSiteBuildE TempleOfScienceOnSiteBuildB TempleOfScienceOnSiteBuildA

TempleOfScienceOnSiteBuildHexagons TempleOfScienceOnSiteBuildK TempleOfScienceOnSiteBuildH TempleOfScienceOnSiteBuildI

TempleOfScienceOnSiteBuildG TempleOfScienceOnSiteBuildF TempleOfScienceApex

TempleOfScienceLights TempleOfScienceOwenLEDs



Lillian Morrissey


Marcelle Robbins


Alana Tracey

TempleOfScienceSunsetG TempleOfScienceSunsetA

TempleOfScienceSunsetD TempleOfScienceSunsetC

TempleOfScienceDuskD TempleOfScienceDuskC

TempleOfScienceNightLights TempleOfScienceNightLightsB


TempleOfScienceExperimentsC TempleOfScienceExperimentsA TempleOfScienceExperimentsD


Image: Johanna Morcom Photography


Image:  Steph Wallis Photography

TempleSparklepantsImage: Courtney SparklePants Photography

Art Jog 12

This is my first Art Jog and I am pretty much blown away by the standard of work. Although focusing on local Indonesian artists (specifically from Yogyakarta), it is an open call art fair with many artists represented from the South East Asian region.

It is incredibly refreshing to see works addressing the curatorial theme of ‘Looking East’ in Indonesia rather than within the confines of western art institutions aimed at western audiences, which tends to take away from the local concerns of the artists.

Given the scope of the exhibition, I am just going to cover the works which stood out for me the most, which is rather a lot. I’m prone to drifting into a higher art realm when confronted with large scale exhibitions, needing to return several times before declaring defeat.


Pinto Sirait,Mythic Airways, www.pintorsirait.com


Hedi Hariyanto, Keluarga , sahabatgallery.wordpress.com/2008/12/28/hedi-hariyanto/


Hedi Hariyanto, Keluarga


Farhan Siki, Hello Rich People, http://www.indonesianeye.com/artist/farhan-siki


Farhan Siki, Hello Rich People


Meolyono, Batik’s Sir 


Moelyono, Batik’s Sir 


Yuli Sulistyo, Myiagros Army 


Wim Delvoy, Untitledwww.wimdelvoye.be/


Wim Delvoye, Untitled


Heri Dono, Unidentifyin Unflying Object, du-store-verden.no/artister/artist.php?2007012309142494552


S. Dwi Stya, Hologram 05.00 semangarti.wordpress.com/s-dwi-stya-acong-2/


Anton Subiyanto, Green Tooth, antonsubiyanto.blogspot.com


Afdhal, See You Tomorrow, www.myarttracker.com/node/418511/artist-summary


Edo Pillu, Micro Macro Cosmos, edwardpilliang.wordpress.com


AC Andre Tanama,Hiding in the Deeply Eyes, andretanama.weebly.com/about-me.html