Art Jog 12

This is my first Art Jog and I am pretty much blown away by the standard of work. Although focusing on local Indonesian artists (specifically from Yogyakarta), it is an open call art fair with many artists represented from the South East Asian region.

It is incredibly refreshing to see works addressing the curatorial theme of ‘Looking East’ in Indonesia rather than within the confines of western art institutions aimed at western audiences, which tends to take away from the local concerns of the artists.

Given the scope of the exhibition, I am just going to cover the works which stood out for me the most, which is rather a lot. I’m prone to drifting into a higher art realm when confronted with large scale exhibitions, needing to return several times before declaring defeat.


Pinto Sirait,Mythic Airways,


Hedi Hariyanto, Keluarga ,


Hedi Hariyanto, Keluarga


Farhan Siki, Hello Rich People,


Farhan Siki, Hello Rich People


Meolyono, Batik’s Sir 


Moelyono, Batik’s Sir 


Yuli Sulistyo, Myiagros Army 


Wim Delvoy,


Wim Delvoye, Untitled


Heri Dono, Unidentifyin Unflying Object,


S. Dwi Stya, Hologram 05.00


Anton Subiyanto, Green Tooth,


Afdhal, See You Tomorrow,


Edo Pillu, Micro Macro Cosmos,


AC Andre Tanama,Hiding in the Deeply Eyes,

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