Thorong La Pass, Annapurna Circuit

Despite the weather turning bad on the descent which reduced visibility to less than 10m and transformed my body into a snow covered walking (falling) icicle, Thorong La Pass proved to be an exhausting yet rewarding experience and the highlight of the Annapurna Circuit trek.
























Topography Painting Series

Another painting in the series I completed as part of my artist residency at Ne’na Contemporary Artspace, Chiang Mai Thailand. Acrylic on canvas, 2 x 3m

AlanaTraceyTopographyBlue AlanaTraceyTopographyBlueDetail AlanaTraceyTopographyBlueDetail2 AlanaTraceyTopographyBlueFull

Kong Lo Cave, Laos

Travelling through Laos I find the most satisfying and adventurous form of transport are the tag team local shared tuk tuks which traverse the country. With a fellow traveller I met on a 9 hour local bus journey from Pakse to Thakeak, we walked to a local tuk tuk stand and called out “Kong Lo, Kong Lo” til we where directed onboard a local shared tuk tuk along with bags of rice and veg. What followed was 6 hours of hopping on and off different tuk tuks until we arrived at Kong Lo village amidst a stunning 360 degree vista of limestone mountains. Kong Lo Cave is a 1km walk from the village and is exactly like being in a David Attenborough documentary.

AlanaTraceyKongLoVillage AlanaTraceyKongLoStalictiteCeiling AlanaTraceyKongLoStalictite AlanaTraceyKongLoRockFormations AlanaTraceyKongLoMirror AlanaTraceyKongLoLakeEntrance AlanaTraceyKongLoHiddenCave AlanaTraceyKongLoFootball AlanaTraceyKongLoExit


AlanaTraceyKongLoEntrance AlanaTraceyKongLoDawn



String Installation

First stage of my installation at Ne’na Contemporary Artspace completed. Now I move onto the fun stage of playing with projecting through the string screen and tweaking the shape.


Malaysia Art Expo 12

Whilst in Kuala Lumpur I checked out the Malaysia Art Expo 2012; cue art headspin.

Here are my favourite works.


R Sumantri MS


Iwan Yusuf


Xu Ze


Xu Ze


S Dwi Stya


S Dwi Stya


Ngovan Sac


Ngovan Sac


Ali Nuralmal


Ali Nuralmal


Ibrahim Hussein



Dennis Chan



Joni Ramlan


Joni Ramlan


Li Guo Zi


Li Guo Zi


Li Guo Zi

House of Matahati

Today I visited the House of Matahati in Kuala Lumpur. I spoke with Mimie the manager, she is one hell of an amazing art business woman, single handedly she is trying to change the face of South East Asian art through creating a network of artists and collectives within the region. House of Matahati is an artist run gallery/studio; their focus is on nurturing local Malaysian artists and creating art dialogue throughout South East Asia.

Mimie showed me through the onsite artist studios provided for local residing artists, then I  checked out their current exhibition which was an HoM curated show of Kuala Lumpur’s graduating art school students.

House of Matahati artist studios

Shafiq Nordin

Shikh Khaidir Ahmed

Siti Noraini Saleh

Manisah Daud

Manisah Daud

Hisyamuddin Abdullah

Hisyamuddin Abdullah

Tropical Storms Brewing

Very excited to be in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, part of the Malaysian region of Borneo. Will be climbing Mount Kinabalu in two days time.

How many fragrant bowls of Laksa is it acceptable to consume in one day? I went with two. Waiting out the storm with a glass of wine, I walked back to my hostel in the drizzling rain past an array of Malaysian eateries begging me to indulge in a third.


Currently I’m in Banjarmasin, a  small city in Southern Kalimantan the Indonesian region of Borneo; described as the Venice of Asia for its canals.