House of Matahati

Today I visited the House of Matahati in Kuala Lumpur. I spoke with Mimie the manager, she is one hell of an amazing art business woman, single handedly she is trying to change the face of South East Asian art through creating a network of artists and collectives within the region. House of Matahati is an artist run gallery/studio; their focus is on nurturing local Malaysian artists and creating art dialogue throughout South East Asia.

Mimie showed me through the onsite artist studios provided for local residing artists, then I  checked out their current exhibition which was an HoM curated show of Kuala Lumpur’s graduating art school students.

House of Matahati artist studios

Shafiq Nordin

Shikh Khaidir Ahmed

Siti Noraini Saleh

Manisah Daud

Manisah Daud

Hisyamuddin Abdullah

Hisyamuddin Abdullah

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