Topography Painting Series

Another painting in the series I completed as part of my artist residency at Ne’na Contemporary Artspace, Chiang Mai Thailand. Acrylic on canvas, 2 x 3m

AlanaTraceyTopographyBlue AlanaTraceyTopographyBlueDetail AlanaTraceyTopographyBlueDetail2 AlanaTraceyTopographyBlueFull

Peace Out

Happy holidays everyone. Here is a new painting I have recently finished as part of my artist residency at Ne’na Contemporary Artspace, Chiang Mai Thailand. Peace out.

Acrylic on canvas 2.7 x 2.4m





String Installation

First stage of my installation at Ne’na Contemporary Artspace completed. Now I move onto the fun stage of playing with projecting through the string screen and tweaking the shape.


Rockin out Lanna Style

Monfai Lanna Cultural Centre are hosting my artist residency here in Chiang Mai. They are a wonderful crew of artists/architects/musicians who preserve the traditional Lanna Kingdom heritage of Northern Thailand. Last night I was privileged to be their guest as they showcased their work as part of the design crew for a private gig of Carabao, Thailand’s biggest rock band. A night of rock meets Lanna Kingdom.

Living the Good (Art) Life

Starting off my residency with Ne’na in Chiang Mai painting large scale op art. And what a mess I’m making, beginning to look like a real artists studio.


Offiicially living the good life. Wake up in the Thai jungle surrounded by mountains.. literally pick my own fruit for breakfast. Take a walk through rice fields to the village past a gold Buddhist temple to buy locally grown produce, spend the rest of the day painting in a studio with a chandelier, cook dinner and watch the sunset on the verandah with a glass of wine, more painting, go to sleep in a teak four poster bed in a huge traditional Thai wooden house. I’m going to have to come up with something absolutely ridiculous to top this