Mt Rinjani, Lombok

Yesterday I returned from a three day trek to the summit of Mt Rinjani, Lombok Indonesia. Difficult and exhausting, but well organised and breathtaking. From the summit you are greeted with a sea of volcanic peaks from the islands surrounding Lombok.


Camp 1, Mt Rinjani

Camp 2, Mt Rinjani


Mt Rinjani crater lake, from 3600m at dawn.

Ascending an Active Volcano

Yesterday I made the strenuous climb to the mouth of the active volcano Mt Merapi, in Java, Indonesia. Despite suffering from exhaustion, I did manage to pull out my camera and shoot some half decent footage. These shots will be the basis of a new series of works I will be focusing on in the coming months.

Here is a taste. View of Mt Merbabu, from the summit of Mt Merapi.


Sophie Hirsch @ SewonArtSpace Jogja

Sophie Hirsch’s solo exhibition Kijang Kijangan opened last night at Sewon Art Space, Yogyakarta. One free standing large scale installation sits within the space, billowing plastic intertwines with rusted steel scraps, creating the illusion of a caged cloud.

Below are images from previous exhibitions.

I was cameraless at the opening so didn’t get any shots of the work. The installation did remind me of an animation by for Noisia.

Philippe Ramette

Clever surrealist photographic series by French artist Philippe Ramette currently exhibiting  at Taman Menteng in Central Jakarta.

The series reminds me so much of this painting ‘ Wanderer above the Sea of Fog’  (1818) by German artist Caspar David Friedrich that I thought I should include it.