Kong Lo Cave, Laos

Travelling through Laos I find the most satisfying and adventurous form of transport are the tag team local shared tuk tuks which traverse the country. With a fellow traveller I met on a 9 hour local bus journey from Pakse to Thakeak, we walked to a local tuk tuk stand and called out “Kong Lo, Kong Lo” til we where directed onboard a local shared tuk tuk along with bags of rice and veg. What followed was 6 hours of hopping on and off different tuk tuks until we arrived at Kong Lo village amidst a stunning 360 degree vista of limestone mountains. Kong Lo Cave is a 1km walk from the village and is exactly like being in a David Attenborough documentary.

AlanaTraceyKongLoVillage AlanaTraceyKongLoStalictiteCeiling AlanaTraceyKongLoStalictite AlanaTraceyKongLoRockFormations AlanaTraceyKongLoMirror AlanaTraceyKongLoLakeEntrance AlanaTraceyKongLoHiddenCave AlanaTraceyKongLoFootball AlanaTraceyKongLoExit


AlanaTraceyKongLoEntrance AlanaTraceyKongLoDawn



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