Kingdom of Cambodia

Cambodia has become my new temporary home for the last few weeks.

After three months of living in the Thai countryside dedicating all my time to the development of my studio practice, I have successfully spent the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 being as lazy as possible with weeks lying on white sand beaches and zero art being made.

Thankfully being in Cambodia is such a colourful and fascinating experience in itself, that all I need is a camera and my two legs to capture my surroundings.




AlanaTraceyStreetFood AlanaTraceyPhnomPenh4 AlanaTraceyPhnomPenh3 AlanaTraceyPhnomPenh2 AlanaTraceyPhnomPenh AlanaTraceyKohRong2 AlanaTraceyKohRong AlanaTraceyFish AlanaTraceyBokor6 AlanaTraceyBokor3 AlanaTraceyBokor2 AlanaTraceyBokor AlanaTraceyBlessing4 AlanaTraceyBlessing3 AlanaTraceyBlessing2


AlanaTraceyAngkor AlanaTraceyAngkor2 AlanaTraceyAngkor3 AlanaTraceyAngkor4 AlanaTraceyAngkor5 AlanaTraceyAngkor6 AlanaTRaceyAngkor7


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