Sacred Geometry for Sacred Spaces Village, Black Rock City, Burning Man 2014

Working from an exposed studio on the rooftop of a Berkeley warehouse complex, I spent a couple of weeks hanging out with the excellent people from Sacred Spaces Village and made them an original painting for their camp at Burning Man 2014. Conceived as a sacred geometry dancefloor, the project went from an unrealistic oversized work of epic proportion to a more achievable scale as the backdrop for the Sacred Spaces stage. My design concept was to create a Metatron’s Cube as the astral projection of Buddhas third eye connecting with an overlay of the sacred proportions of Buddhas face. The exposed studio environment posed a challenge when it rained one evening and destroyed several days work. As the story goes the stage ended up being too small for the painting so someone decided to hang it from a school bus.. which is fitting because as they say, Burning Man is a place where plans go to die and immediacy and impermanence rule.





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